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Travel to Portugal - Early Reflections

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The world finds herself in the worst pandemic of the last 100 years. As our plans to visit Portugal have been delayed, we have had to remain flexible during uncertain times. Though I have seen myself as someone who can "roll with it," I have been caught off-guard with just how difficult it has been.

The truth is, things are always uncertain; however, the forced cognizance of this fact sends me to places I have never been before. I have taken it for granted that with money and desire, I could travel freely. This has not been the case for anyone since March of 2020.

We are going to Portugal to see if we want to live there. I know this is a wonderful opportunity, and I am keenly aware of those who don't currently have the chance but would like to go. Life is strange that way. Travel opportunities, like every other privilege, are not equally distributed, and it is not fair.

Money and opportunity have come to me in waves, and there have been times that I have barely scraped by. It is to those struggling that I dedicate this blog and my experiences.

May it give you a window into something you desire and open your imagination and dreams. May your dreams come true. You are just as deserving as I. Probably more so.

Sharing My Triumphs and Mistakes and Links to What's Great

In elementary school, a teacher gave me the nickname of "Calamity Jane" because so many things I tried to do right, turned out so wrong. I remember this mostly with art projects. To this day, art projects stress me out. Well, good thing I found writing!

I have also developed a reputation as someone who experiences a bit of "Trains Planes and Automobiles." Some of my travel experiences have frankly been hilarious.

On the way to Portugal, I expect to experience triumphs and defeats (Oh my! The agony of defeat!). I will share my mistakes and triumphs and create links to things that I think are great or helpful.

Reading Fernando Pessoa Along the Way

Fernando Pessoa - Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese poet who was born and died in Lisbon. Known as one of the most important literary figures of the 20th Century, Pessoa wrote under many pseudonyms or what he called "heternyms." He is considered one of the fathers of literary modernism.

I will be reading Pessoa's poetry during my sojourn in Portugal, which will last anywhere from one to three months. I hope to obtain a flavor of the heart of Portugal by doing so. With my blog entries, I will sometimes quote Pessoa and record a few thoughts I have about him.

When "Deke" and I went to Greece, I read Aristotle's, Nicomachean Ethics, and mused about it after the day's activities. It certainly added to my trip, and I learned a lot. Readers said that they liked it too. I was so shy back then, I didn't even use my real name. I was "Monique in Motion" on

First Stop, Lisbon (Lisboa)

"Deke" and I are scheduled for departure in early October. We will be staying at the pet-friendly Lisboa Plaza Hotel in the heart of Lisbon. With us, will be our beloved wire fox terrier, Schpilker.

There will be a lot of catching up on sleep as I do not sleep on planes. I am like a child. "This is so fun! I'm on a plane to Portugal!" "What's going to happen next?" "I can't believe that 'Deke' and I will be in Portugal on our tenth anniversary." "I wonder what we'll do?" And so on, and so on . . . my mind does not rest.

Though there is excitement in the air, I am very aware that because of COVID-19, plans may change. I have had to temper my excitement with cautionary optimism.

I invite you to come along. We are scheduled to stay in Lisbon for two weeks, and I plan on taking lots of pictures. I will also discuss my experiences. They have not always been “fun.” When we were in Athens, “Deke” fell and shattered his patella—an unfun adventure began in the midst of Athenian floods that made international news. Hopefully, nothing so dramatic, but you never know!

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