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The Villa in the Vines

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We are staying at Quinta do Vento, a gorgeous villa in Palmela within the Setủbal District of Portugal. We are in the middle of a vineyard.

Quinta do Vento, the Villa in the Vines (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

A Dream Fulfilled and a Heart Mending

A dream is fulfilled. I am in a villa in the middle of a vineyard. For some reason, I never thought it would be in Portugal—France or Spain maybe? Yet here I am. You never know how and when a dream will be fulfilled.

The ironic thing is that my heart was breaking at the same time “Deke” and I entered this glorious abode. Life is one paradox after another. Spirituality and growth are one paradox after another.

The good news is, I am on the mend.

There is nothing quite like a walk in a vineyard and autumn sunshine to repair the soul.

Sunlight through the vines at Quinta do Vendo (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

Stunning Countryside

As Bob Ross used to say, there are “happy little accidents.” That is what I have decided to call it when Deke and I get lost, or the GPS takes us the “long” way to our destination. This happens more often than not. Also, our GPS is not talking to us, so we must spend a lot of time studying the map like the old days (heaven forbid we work on these skills).

Though I can complain about not doing enough site-seeing, going to cultural centers, and doing more touristy things in general, I now have a real feel for wine country in Portugal’s Setubal district. It includes not only villages and wineries but also nature parks, mountain ranges, and the sea. Not a bad combination.

I learned a lesson. “Get lost” if you want to find the heart of a place.

If you want to find the heart of a place, "get lost."

Things That Go “Howl” in the Night

There was a night in the villa when I didn’t sleep well. Several times, I heard an eerie sound I had never heard before. I told the owner that if I were in America, I would say it was Big Foot. The owner said that it was probably a wild boar. “Don’t be scared,” he said. “They are afraid of people and tend to only come to the villa at night looking for any grapes that may be on the ground.”

If you live in the country, you are in the country. That means that there are wild animals, more insects, a septic tank, and not as efficient central heating. Our host was gracious and went and bought our I’m-used-to-really-warm-houses American butts a space heater. We are grateful.

The country is the country, but what better place to look at the stars, walk, contemplate, and heal?

Portugal’s Setubal district includes not only villages and wineries but also nature parks, mountain ranges, and the sea. Not a bad combination.

Overlooking the vineyard from Quinta do Vento. (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris

Small details like this wrought-iron grape leaf window dressing make Quinta do Vento a lovely haven.

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David Andreasen
David Andreasen
Nov 09, 2021

very nice.

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