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A Journey to Fatima

I had the privilege of visiting Fatima on December 12, 2021. Enjoy the photos.

A statue commemorating a visitation to children, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta in the summer of 1917 not too far from Lucia's home. (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

The pathway from Lucia's home to a visitation site.

Towards the visitation site near Lucia's home.

Bedroom of Lucia and One of Her Sisters

The niece of Lucia, Maria dos Anjos, is close to 100 years old and lives across the street from Lucia's home. She loves to greet the pilgrims who come to Fatima and answer any questions they may have about her family (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

The placard outside of Maria dos Anjos's home.

The room in which Francisco and Jacinta were born. They are now saints.

The grounds at Fatima are vast. It is a huge square.

The statue with Christ on top commemorates the spot where water was discovered near the site of the most visitations. Lucia was instructed to build a church with the money she received from others for the visitations. They were worried about building a church because there was not enough water in the valley to quench the pilgrims' thirst. It was considered a miracle find, and the water has been designated holy.

The faithful burning candles at Fatima

Light shines on the heads of pilgrims visiting the shrine where most of the visitations took place.

The shrine of the Virgin at the visitation site.

Pope John Paul II visited Fatima three times, and it is believed that he helped to bring some of the prophesies of Fatima to fruit (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)

Light through a tree at Fatima (Photo by Sona Schmidt-Harris)


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